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Introducing LogBucket

LogBucket takes the pain out of logging and debugging web and desktop applications. It provides simple, nice and clean web user interface to follow, scrutinize, and manage your logs.

Being a web service LogBucket does not care what operating system or programming language you use. It can be used anywhere.

Simple, logical and easy to use LogBucket is all you will ever need to keep in line with urgent and day-to-day logging requirements.

Example (PHP) Download

// Multiple debug levels are supported
LogBucket::alert('KEY','An alert message');
LogBucket::debug('KEY','An ordinary debug message');
LogBucket::critical('KEY','A critical message');
LogBucket::info('KEY','An information message');
LogBucket::emergency('KEY','An emergency message');
LogBucket::error('KEY','An error message');

Example (JavaScript) Download

// Multiple debug levels are supported
LogBucket.alert('KEY','An alert message');
LogBucket.debug('KEY','An ordinary debug message');
LogBucket.critical('KEY','A critical message');'KEY','An information message');
LogBucket.emergency('KEY','An emergency message');
LogBucket.error('KEY','An error message');